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Communicating and sharing knowledge resources

Information and knowledge, including the downloaded and imported content, can be shared with other users through notes, comments, blogs, forums and real-time conferences.

Notes or memos allow you to send messages to particular individuals, along with attached documents. Each recipient is notified on his dashboard.
Document forwards or document-related comments are comments on particular documents (such as those downloaded from web sources) that you can forward to specific other users in order to alert them to those documents and initiate a discussion on them. All the comments and the replies to them are displayed to the recipients next to the document being forwarded.
Forums are facilities by which every user with access to a particular forum can initiate and participate in a discussion on a particular theme or topic. You cannot choose whom you want to send forum posts to.
A blog is a facility by which a person or a select set of people can put up his experiences or thoughts (or daily reports) for other people to read. Like forums, you cannot choose whom you want to send blog posts to. Unlike forums, only one person or a select team of people can add posts to blogs, even though other users can then comment on these posts.
A conference is a live chat between a set of users that happens in real-time and can be used when instant communication is required.